You Will Never Buy Cough Drops Ever Again After Watching This Video

As the winter months are coming, there is no denying that the winter is coming with cough/cold/flu season. Indeed, even after a cold or upper respiratory flu passes, we are regularly disturbed with a persistent cough that will last for weeks. It is irritating and debilitating to be coughing for longer periods, in addition to it makes everyone around you cringe with “germ-phobia”.

We always read about natural ingredients that improve our immune system, that are additionally very good at doing fighting the “residual dreaded cough.”

The video you are going to watch is a great tutorial that demonstrates to you a simple and fun way to make your own normal “cough sweets” that are significantly more successful than store-bought ones, and much more delicious!

In a small saucepan mix: fresh lemon juice – which is high in Vitamin C; natural honey – which is antibacterial and is a natural cough suppressant; water; some sugar for taste; 1/2 tsp ground ginger – which keeps up the immune system, has mitigating properties and helps with pain and nausea; 1/4 tsp ground cloves – which diminishes phlegm, has antiseptic properties and is loaded with antioxidants.

The blend is brought to a boil and then simmers until the consistency becomes syrupy. When it cools, you should see the video beneath, to see how he forms the cough drops and ends this incredible DIY to keep up your wellbeing this season.

watch the video