You suffer from bad breath ? Check out the cheapest cure

Besides regular tooth brushing, washing the oral cavity is crucial for maintenance of the oral hygiene. This fluid, which is very simple to prepare, will remove accumulated food residue and bacteria from the mouth that cause bad breath.

bad breath

Although mouthwashes are available on the shelves in all stores, they should be avoided because of their aggressive ingredients, so we recommend you to make your own natural and cheap product for cleaning the mouth that will give you fresh breath.

Green leaves of parsley have strong and fresh aroma and their intense green color indicates the abundance of chlorophyll which is best fighter against the bad breath because it has antibacterial properties.

Although chewing parsley leaves is recommended immediately after eating foods that cause odor, parsley tea is more practical and more effective method of eliminating bacteria and bad breath.

You will need:

½ hand fresh parsley
500 ml water


In a pot put the water and add the chopped parsley, then let it boil for about 5 minutes. Then strain the liquid, cool it and consume it after every meal.

bad breath