Why women should start SHAVING their face?

You are probably thinking that this post is a joke. You’re wondering why any sane woman would ever even consider shaving their face.

Believe me, when I first read about this, I thought the exact same thing. I have to shave my face on a daily basis, why would a woman ever willingly put herself through that? But apparently there are in fact many good reasons she might. So keep an open-mind as you read through this list.

women should start shaving


Before getting into the benefits, I think It’s important to address the most common myth and the biggest fear that women have about shaving their face – that the hair will grow back thicker and darker.

This is a myth. We already have a set number of hair follicles. Unless you remove them with a laser, their number will not change and neither will how fast they grow. Waxed or shaved, it makes no difference to your hairs.


  1. It doesn’t hurt

Men complain about the hassle of shaving, but realistically, it’s way better than the alternative. Waxing, from all accounts I’ve heard, can be very painful. I know I would never consider giving up my razor for wax.

  1. It exfoliates your skin

Shaving actually helps remove old and dead skin cells, helping to clear your pores and make your skin look and feel younger.

  1. It’s less likely to irritate

If you have sensitive skin you’ll have to be careful either way, but shaving is a far gentler alternative, particularly if your skin is easily irritated by waxing.

  1. It helps you look younger

Shaving can actually act as a mild form of microdermabrasion, increasing your collagen production and helping your skin to look younger and your wrinkles to be less visible.

  1. It costs less

Compared to regular waxing or laser surgery, shaving is way less expensive. A razor and some sort of shaving cream, and you’re set.

  1. It helps moisturizers and makeup

By clearing your pores of dead skin cells, shaving can help moisturizers or facial scrubs soak deeper into your skin and keep your makeup looking great longer.

  1. It gets the little ones

It’s easy to miss tiny hairs with waxing and lasers can’t remove them. Shaving, on the other hand, ensures that you get every last little hair, which can help make your skin look radiant.


Even after reading these benefits, I’m not entirely certain that I would recommend shaving, but I would definitely say it’s a viable option. For women who constantly have to deal with dark facial hairs, shaving might very well be the best way to go.

The fear that they will grow back even worse is just a myth and the advantages shaving has over waxing are many. Less pain, money, and irritation, with added exfoliation? That’s tough to beat.

Female facial shaving may still sound ridiculous to most people, but maybe it’s not so ridiculous after all.