When is the best time to put salt in the food ?

In salty recipes you need to add salt at some point, but is it always the best time to do it ?

when is the best time to put salt

Chef Dan Sousa conducted an experiment to find out what is the difference between putting salt at the beginning of cooking and if it is done at the end after  it’s over. He prepared two dishes, beef stew and baked carrots. Both prepared twice, once salt has been added to the beginning and once at the end of the cooking. In both cases, he has noticed that the food is tasting more salty if the salt is added at the beginning, because  it has time to soak into the food during the cooking process.

Therefore, add salt as early as possible during the cooking. If you do that in the end, salt will remain on the surface and will not give the good taste as in the first case. If you forget to add salt at the beginning, Sousa advices to add less salt to the end, because anyway it will not have a significant effect.