WARNING! Do You Know What The Numbers on The Milk Packaging Mean?!?

Have you ever noticed the numbers on the bottom of a milk package? If you have, have you ever thought about what do they mean? These numbers aren’t put there by accident or randomly, and there’s a meaning behind them that not many people know about. Take a package of milk and look at its bottom.

You probably notice some numbers, varying from 1-5 (1-6 for some countries). Not one, there’re two secret meanings. The first secret meaning has even scared many people who found what it was. It stands for the number of milk’s usage date, more precisely, how many times it has expired and the milk was reprocessed by the manufacturers.

This reprocessing of milk is regulated by law. The expired milk is reprocessed at a temperature of 190 degrees C and is then brought back in the markets and grocery stores. The manufacturers are allowed to repeat this up to 5 times, but anytime they reprocess the milk they need to print the exact number of how many times it is reprocessed.

 Thus, at the bottom of the milk package you can find printed numbers, 1,2,3,4,5 and 6, but you can also notice that one of these numbers is missing. The number that’s missing is actually the number of the exact times the milk was reprocessed.

For instance, you see the numbers 12346, and you can notice that number 5 is missing. This means that the milk is reprocessed exactly 5 times.

At some packages you won’t find all these numbers, but instead, just one, and this number represents exactly the same thing. Manufacturers often combine these numbers on the boxes, so a number that is missing from a package can be found on another package.

According to some, these numbers stand for the number of times the cartoon is recycled. Nevertheless, in many countries the reprocessing of milk is legal, and this is a fact that confirms the above mentioned.

source: healthyfoodkings.com