Weekend diet

If struggling trouble with 2-3 pounds excess , we advise you to apply weekend diet . During the days when you are at home and have time to keep track of what you eat , two-day tour of the reduced diet will allow you to attenuate two or at most three pounds .

Weekend diet has the effect of encouraging the body for a short time . However , this diet is stressful on the body , so it is recommended only for healthy people .Do not extend it because you can disrupt health .

Menu Saturday:

Breakfast : Yogurt with low fat content and fresh seasonal fruit .

Lunch: boiled fish with lemon juice and olive oil , green salad with the same accessories and whole wheat toast .

Dinner : low calorie yogurt and boiled zucchini , or other boiled vegetables

Weekend diet2

Menu – Sunday:

Breakfast : 1 cup of mint tea without sugar , 1 integral toast , 1 slice of ham sling .

Lunch: boiled beans with garlic and lemon juice .

Snack : 250 grams of seasonal fruit , except bananas .

Dinner : 1 integral toast , lettuce , 1 cup sugar-free tea .