Warning: what your MICROWAVE is actually doing to your FOOD

Imagine you found a cure for something so widely understood like the common cold. Everyone knows what a cold is, and it’s safe to say that most have suffered from one. But what if you found a cure – then you were told to keep your mouth shut.

Think about it: you found a cure and big Pharma sues you. They give you a gag order, and ensure that your cure doesn’t spread so they can sell more over-the-counter pills and “remedies”. What would you do if you had such good news but weren’t allowed to share it?


Hans Hertel, Swiss scientist, did not discover the cure to the common cold.

In 1992, Hertel conducted a very thorough study on microwave cookery. He tested 8 healthy humans’ blood before and after eating raw vegetables, cooked veggies, and microwaved ones. The findings replicated findings from as early as 1957: microwaving food changes the food’s molecular structure. Radically.

The way microwaves work is not simple, but essentially they cook the food by blasting your meal with electromagnetic radiation. “There are no atoms, molecules or cells of any organic system able to withstand such a violent, destructive power,” says Hertel.

First the microwave super-heats the water molecules that make up your food. They are directly agitated to make frictional heat, which destroy the cells nutritional value and creates a by-product in the organic material (or food) called radiolytic compounds.

Scientists argue there are radiolytic compounds created in food from normal cooking, but Hertel discovered that far more radiolytic compounds come from cooking with the microwave. And the food damaged from the microwave has nasty effects on our bodies.

Decreased white blood cells. Lower haemoglobin (which carries oxygen from the lungs to your muscles) and cholesterol levels. Cells in your body literally have to change – adapt into an emergency production mode.

Instead of normal cellular oxidation (cells getting oxygen) the body has to make energy in an alternate way – anaerobic glucose fermentation.

Anaerobic glucose fermentation is when your body converts glucose (sugar) into acids, which becomes your cells’ way to produce ATP (energy). This is a cancerous situation. Anaerobic glucose fermentation is how cancer cells survive and thrive.

Back to the nukes

In 1992, when Hans Hertel discovered the dangers of using the microwave, a EU appliance trade organization lobbied the court for a gag order on the findings. Hertel stood his ground and in 6 years he was able to reverse the ruling.

Early U.S. warnings about microwaving baby formula and stored breast milk were in place only to save the babies’ mouths from “unexpected heat surprise”. Now we know that nuking our food destroys its nutrients, and can be harmful to us as well.

While cooking, the microwave lets off radiation. At the start of this short video, you’ll see how the microwave is tested for radiation, even from several feet away. The shocking results will have you standing 15 ft away from the microwave next time you’re reheated a meal.

Go cold turkey

Before your next microwaved meal, think of this story: In 1991 Norma Levitt went in for a normal hip surgery. She died. Before blood transfusions, the plasma must be heated to normal body temperature, and for Norma the blood was microwaved. She died almost immediately after the infusion.