Vegetable soup diet : 5 pounds less for 6 days

With the vegetable soup diet you can cut 5 pounds in a week . The recipe for the soup is simple and unique . It will successfully clear all accumulated fat , which will improve the work of the body and will clean out accumulated toxins .

During this diet you can eat fruits like apples , pears and citrus, but in small quantities. You can also eat fresh vegetables like cucumbers , tomatoes and beets. All products should be fresh. You can also eat cabbage , onions , dill , parsley and lettuce .

You need to drink large amounts of mineral water , preferably non-carbonated . Sweets , flour , fats and dairy products, and alcohol is prohibited .

The recipe for the soup is simple and most important ingredient is the cucumber.

What you need :

6 medium onions
2-3 tomatoes
1 small cabbage
2 peppers
1 cucumber
1 carrot
a little salt

Directions :

Boil these vegetables in a bowl with enough amount of water and do not add oils.

You can eat this soup several times during the day.

Day 1 : soup, fruits and water

Day 2 : soup, vegetables, fruits, 3 baked potatoes with olive oil and water

Day 3 : soup, fruits, vegetables and water

Day 4 : soup, fruit, vegetables and water. You can also eat 1 banana.

Day 5 : soup, 200g of boiled beef, tomatoes and water

Day 6 : soup , but only once , 200 g of boiled beef , leafy vegetables and water

You can repeat the diet to achieve the desired results , but not more than twice consecutively .