Treat 5 hair problems overnight

We ladies get so obsessive and sensitive over hair! Why not try to work on our hair with all natural hair diy remedies.


Drizzy hair:

Aloe gel extracts have been widely used in hair care products.

Remove the gel of aloe from its leaf and mix it with almond oil.

Apply it to your hair,keep it on for overnight and then rinse your hair.

This is a natural and effective remedy to fight dry,frizzy hair.


Treat overnight to bind damaged ends back together.

Oiling restores hair moisture, soak the ends of olive oil. It’s best to leave it overnight and then wash with a mild shampoo the next morning to treat dry,split ends.


Try an overnight treatment for long lasting relief from dandruff or dry, itchy scalp.

Mix 1 tbsp of olive oil with 1tsp of lime juice and then massage the mixture into the scalp before bedtime.

Wrap your hair with a shower cap and in the morning shampoo using a mild shampoo.

Hair loss:

Take some coconut milk and slowly massage it into your hair from root to tip.

Wrap your hair in a warm towel and leave it on overnight.

Wash with a mild shampoo and let your hair dry naturally.

The coconut milk helps add protein to you hair and strengthen it.

Damaged hair:

Mix few drops of vitamin E oil with a tbsp of jojoba oil.

Simply massage the repair cure into your hair and allow it to work overnight.

Shampoo and condition as usual the next morning.