Toxic habits that are destroying your happiness

Unfortunately, people don’t recognize how some habits can harm their health, but more importantly their happiness.
But before we show you how to recognize your “toxic habits”, what exactly do we mean by that? – It’s a negative and harmful behavior that you repeat for a certain period.

1. Too much alcohol

“First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

In today’s amazing, stressful and busy world it’s easy to overflow the cup. For many people, sitting with a glass of alcohol in their hands look like a solution. Unfortunately, often that glass turns into a daily habit and becomes a bottle. It’s important to remember that anything that is too bad for us is also bad for our happiness and drinking is not an exception. The excessive intake of alcohol affects memory, cognitive and social skills and unfortunately, most affect on the relationships.

2. Overeating

“We are always in search of satisfaction but there are lot of things you can fill up on besides food.” – Deepak Chopra

Many people see a solace in food, so eating for solace is a common problem today. There are cheap and tasty, but really unhealthy meals and we are in temptation everyday. But just like alcohol, obesity is one of those things that happen overnight if we don’t eat healthy. For a healthy and happy life it’s important to know what we eat.

3. Being an emotional sponge

“You teach people how to treat you but what you allow, what you stop and what reinforce.” – Tony Gaskins

Maybe it’s nice to satisfy someone’s desires, but if that becomes your habit it can be very harmful to your health. It starts from the smallest feet, when we are thought as insecure and vulnerable children that anyone who has authority over us is always right. This can lead to a miserable and unfulfilled life. Key signals to recognize that person is inability to say “no”, failed relationships, work and insufficient self esteem.
The good news is that everyone’s confidence can grow and everyone can learn to say “no.” It just takes time, exercise and determination.

4. Excessive exercise

“Exercise is meant to be a way of releasing stress, not an excuse to hurt yourself.”

There are too many people who are obsessed with the term of “perfect body”, they are always in the fitness centers, but not satisfied with their appearance. Too obsessive-compulsive exercise is a very harmful and toxic habit. Not only is making them tired, it harms the body and creates long-term health problems, but also is the cause of many mental illnesses, anxiety, relationship problems and creates isolation from social life.

If this reminds you of yourself, then remember that it’s important to reduce the exercise and enjoy other pleasures that life brings.

5.  Caring too much

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” – Leo Buscaglia

It’s normal that sometimes we all care about something, but if it’s every day and for a long period then it becomes a problem. Caring is like a murderer, destructive and very poisonous habit that harms the body, strains the energy, breaks the sleep routine and hesitates us in important decisions.

But like most things in life also this problem has its trick. If you’re one of those who care too much, ask for help from friends, family or professional to be able to live a full and healthy life.

6. Too much shopping

“When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping, men invade another country. It’s a whole different way of thinking.” – Elayne Boosler

Although it looks amazing, too much shopping is the rightfully placed on this list. People who found refuge in shopping think that the buy happiness. But, unfortunately, happiness can’t be bought. When we spend money on things we don’t need, we will not only end up in debt, but also become deeply dissatisfied with what we have, always asking for more.

Do yourself a favor and reduce the unnecessary spending. If you still want to spend money, donate them or buy things that some people need. You will feel much better knowing that you helped someone.

7. Social networks addict

“Most of us have the attention span of a meth-addicted squirrel.”- Kristen Lamb

If want to know what’s happening on the social networks and you were online a few hours ago and if you feel that you need to post at least 10 images per day, Selfies probably, you have this harmful habit. Spending hours and hours every day running over the Internet, having an obsession with new “friends” and “followers” and feeling like the world has to know about all your activities is another sign of addiction.

The solution is simple: remove your face from the phone and enjoy your life. Get out, breathe fresh air, call your friends and talk face to face, instead of talking on the social networks.