The best teas for loosing weight

The teas can be a good ally in reducing weight , but you should know that to achieve the results the most important thing is changing the unhealthy living habits .

Green tea

Green tea contains large amounts of pharmacologically active ingredients of polyphenols – catechins that promote loss of body mass, but also a positive effect on overall health. The most significant catechin of green tea is called epigallocatechin – 3 – gallate , and he is oxidating and reducing fat . Besides the proven effects of attenuation, green tea is effective in cleaning the body , because it was shown that it increases the production of enzymes for detoxification and thus stimulates the excretion of harmful substances from the body .


Oolong tea

Oolong tea is the boundary between black and green tea , known as ” aromatic enemy fat ” because it effectively reduces the formation of fatty deposits and promotes weight loss .

He is abundant in polyphenols which increase energy consumption required for digestion , absorption and metabolism of food .

The recommended daily dose is two cups of tea a day .


Hibiscus tea

Hibiscus is one of the most beautiful flowers of tropical countries . He has recognizable red color and sour flavor and beneficial properties that are appreciated for centuries . One of these properties is the regulation of body weight.

Hibiscus is a valuable source of vitamin C and flavonoids that help detoxify the body . Hibiscus is also a diuretic , so it reduces the feeling of bloating .

The best effects are achieved by drinking hibiscus tea once or twice a day .


Nettle tea

Nowadays this tea is mostly used for inflammation of the urinary tract and kidney stones, as well as aid in the treatment of rheumatic diseases. However, this tea is great for anyone who wants to lose weight. Nettle leaves contain many chlorophyll, organic acids and mineral salts with much calcium , potassium , phosphorus and iron.

There were no side effects in its use, and the only side effects can be cramps. This tea is not recommended for those who are taking drugs for thinning the blood.


Lotus tea

Lotus herb is a multi-headed water herb known as cure in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. An important part of the chemical composition of the this plant are polyphenols that represent a positive effect on health . It is used as a cure to lower blood pressure and food for anti-aging of the body , and some recent studies have shown that affects the reduction of the body weight. It has been proved that the extract of lotus significantly reduces the accumulation of triglycerides in adipose tissue and increases the breakdown of fat .