The benefits of TURMERIC & HONEY in tea! (VIDEO)

Here are some of the benefits turmeric can have on your health:

It can help with joint pain

Curcumin is a very strong anti-inflammatory agent. One study found that “Turmerin extract samples worked just as well as ibuprofen” in patients with knee osteoarthritis.  Plus turmeric is a natural spice, so it won’t destroy your intestinal gut flora like so many synthetic anti-inflammatory drugs do.

It helps with heartburn and upset stomachs

Supplementing with turmeric, especially when mixed with honey, can really help your digestion. In fact, while many medicines slowly chip away at the beneficial flora in your gut, turmeric actually increases it’s activity!

It can even help fight and prevent the flu!

Curcumin isn’t just an anti-inflammatory; it also has strong antiviral properties that can seriously help with both, treating and preventing the flu. According to a study published in a 2009 edition of “Emerging Infectious Diseases,” curcumin can reduce viral replication by over 90 percent in laboratory cells infected with all sorts of different influenza strains. Think about the implications this could have on humans!

The study found that curcumin didn’t only decrease viral replication in infected cells; it also protected other cells from becoming infected.  So unlike cough syrups and other medications, curcumin doesn’t just treat the symptoms of your flu, it actually helps reverse them. Plus curcumin is completely natural, unlike the many cold medicines that have more ingredients and side effects than they do benefits.

It may help against heart attacks

Another feather in curcumin’s hat is that it may have the ability to prevent heart attacks among bypass patients. A 2012 study followed 121 patients who had bypass surgery between 2009 and 2011. Half of the patients took curcumin capsules three days before the surgery and then a subsequent 5 days after the surgery, the other half took placebo pills. After their operations, 30% of the placebo patients had a heart attack compared to only 13% in the curcumin group.  It’s thought that the strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the curcumin may help reduce by-pass patients’ chances of a heart attack by as much as 65%.

It may even fight cancer

Scientists have only recently started studying the effects of curcumin on humans with cancer, but there have been some exciting results with animals. It’s been found that in animals, curcumin “interferes with several important molecular pathways involved in cancer development, growth and spread,” according to the American Cancer Society.  Sounds like some promising research is in the works!

So, are you convinced? You need turmeric in your life.  You can buy tumerin capsules at many health food stores.   Just be careful that what you’re buying is pure and doesn’t have other filler medications in it that you don’t need.

The benefits of turmeric and honey in tea are many, including that it can lessen seasonal allergies and even reduce the symptoms of a cold.

Find out about the benefits of turmeric and honey in tea with help from a dedicated and experienced holistic health counselor in this free video clip.