Remove The Unpleasant Bruises on The Body Fast Overnight

Some people have got a very sensitive skin that even the lightest hit automatically causes bruises. However, you can remove these inconveniences with the help of the wonderful fruits and vegetables.

The sensitive skin, that is prone to bruises even by the slightest pressure, can sometimes cause problems. This is especially true of women who enjoy the miniskirts and short dresses in summer, but they do not dare to show their legs because they look like someone has just beaten them.

However, the inconveniences of this type can be solved with the help of the wonderful fruits and vegetables that eliminate the unpleasant blue traces on the body:


Put a piece of pineapple on the bruise and fix it with a bandage. Let it sit for a half an hour or one hour. The pineapple contains a ferment which accelerates the absorption of hematoma, which solves the problem with the bruise in a very short time.


Cut a circle of the onion and fix it to the bruise with a bandage, let it sit for about an hour. Repeat the procedure several times a day and the results are guaranteed.


Boil an unpeeled potato. Peel it, mash it and mix it with two tablespoons of honey and a little water, and then apply the mixture on the bruise. Let it act for a few hours.