Reduce the FEVER without medications!

A fever is a part of the body’s defense against infection. Although a fever is not an illness, if it exceeds temperatures of 40ºC (104ºF), it can become very dangerous. However, for most fevers, there is no option but to ride it out at home. Here are some of the ways to do that.

reduce the fever without medications

1Take a bath.
If you want some relief and a treatment for your fever, go relax in a tub full of cool water. The water will help to cool the skin and will evaporate as you soak, cooling you further.

2Sponge down. If a bath doesn’t sound too appealing, use a moist towel instead. Soak small towels in cool water and dab them over your body. Again, you will benefit from the further cooling by evaporation. Leave a cloth on your forehead to soothe any discomfort caused by the fever.

3Lower the room temperature. Reduce the temperature of your home to help keep cool. Lowering the room temperature will likely feel more comfortable and will also help to reduce the temperature of your body. The fan will provide additional cooling and relief.

4Remove layers of clothing. Bundling under layers of clothing and blankets traps heat, making a fever last longer than usual. Wear only a 1 layer of clothing and only use a blanket for periods of chills. If in bed, use only a sheet and get rid of the blanket or comforter.

5Make sure your nose is ALWAYS clear. You get a sore throat when mucus drips down and irritates it. So make sure you always have tissues around, and remember that not following this step MAY lead to choking if you are not careful.

6Get lots of rest. Your body is fighting against a sickness and needs plenty of energy to heal itself. Help provide this by limiting activity and resting or sleeping as much as possible. Avoid moving around much and if necessary, take time off of work.

7Try an all liquid diet. Nutrients in some foods can feed the bacteria that are causing your illness and the accompanying fever. So, it is best to starve out your sickness by fasting while you have the fever. On the other hand, the antioxidants packed into fruit seem to reduce fevers also. Therefore, fast while the fever persists or flood your body with the anti-oxidants found in most fruits. Both approaches have been shown to reduce the severity of a fever.

8Stay hydrated. Along with rest, your body needs plenty of liquids to fight the illness in your body, especially if you are fasting. Drink water frequently throughout the day, supplementing with clear broth and juice, if desired.

9Stay indoors. Unless you’re already outdoors when your fever comes on, it is best to curl up and rest indoors where the air is dry and the temperature won’t change much. If you must be outdoors while suffering from your fever, stay in the shade and limit activity.[3]