Reduce Bunion Size With These 10 Natural Remedies!

Bunions are present in thousands of people around the globe. They represent odd-looking, bony bumps that occur at the big toe’s foundation or the place where the big toe is attached to the foot.

Bunions usually occur when the pressure caused by the weight of the body falls unequally all the time on the tendons and joints located in the foot leading to a deformation which makes the big toe’s joint larger and stick out from the foot.

Any individual can witness the emergence of bunions, but the fact is that in most cases we are talking about women who are dealing with this problem.

Many experts are convinced that wearing high heels, narrow and/or tight shoes lead to the emergence of the well-known bony bumps.
Of course, this is not the only thing that contributes to their formation.

For instance, an inherited type of foot, certain foot injuries, and specific foot deformities that occurred during birth can lead to their formation too. In addition, some forms of arthritis can increase the chances of developing bunions.

Due to the fact that they appear at the joint, bunions often cause sharp pain when people are walking. On top of that, they also limit the range of movement of the big toe.

Some other symptoms are skin irritation around them, joint pain and redness, calluses and/or corns, blisters on and around bunions and small or big shift of the big toe in the direction of other toes. As a result of that suffers have trouble finding the right footwear for them.

Bunions tend to develop even more and they make the situation worse over some period of time. The good news is that there are some all-natural treatments that can help most of the symptoms. However, if the discomfort is severe, people may need surgery. Now let’s see how to get rid of bunions without surgery.


Now here’s a practice that can help you ease the pain and prevent bunions. By massaging the problematic area you will witness many positive changes. This is a therapeutic approach that boosts blood flow and circulation in this area and provides instant relief.

Massaging on a regular basis will definitely reduce the bunion’s size and prevent the occurrence of calluses and corns.

– Take a coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil (warm) and rub it on the problematic area.
– Perform deep-friction massage with the help of your fingers. Do this for about ten minutes.
– Perform this procedure 2-3 times a day.

Keep in mind that you can look for help from a popular massage therapist too.

2. ICE

In many cases, bunions become inflamed and sore especially when you have spent most of the day standing. In order to ease the pain and discomfort, you can use ice therapy. This is another popular way to get rid of bunions without surgery.

It turns out that low temperature is able to numb the nerve endings for a short period of time which leads to pain relief.

– Take a handful of crushed ice and put it in a thin towel. After that, wrap it carefully.
– Put it on the problematic area and wait for five to ten minutes.
– Remove the towel, wait for ten minutes and repeat the process three more times.

You can use this natural method of healing whenever you want.


If you are dealing with bunions caused by arthritis, you should know that Epsom salt soak can ease the pain. Epsom salt is rich in magnesium and this mineral can help the body balance the pH levels and this is crucial for combating pain and inflammation.

Additionally, a lukewarm Epsom salt soak will ease the effects of calluses and corns too.

– Take some warm water and pour it into a small tub.
– Pour a handful of Epsom salt in the water and stir carefully.
– Put your foot or feet inside the solution and soak them until you notice that the water has become cold.
– Use a towel to dry the feet thoroughly.
– After that, massage the feet with warm coconut oil or olive oil.

Perform this procedure three times a week.


There are many situations where foot exercises can help sufferers ease the pain and improve flexibility in this area. Additionally, exercising can prevent further damage to the toe, so this is another good option for those who want to get rid of bunions without surgery.

Finally, regular exercise helps people make their leg and feet muscles stronger and stay safe from the development of bunions.


Simply sit on a chair and put the foot on a golf or tennis ball. After that, start rolling the ball under the toes’ mounds and on any point of the sole where you feel tightness. Perform this activity for five to ten minutes.


Once again, sit on a chair, but this time cup the sole of the problematic foot in the palm and link the fingers of the free hand with the toes of the foot. Next, bend your toes back and forth, downward and upward for about ten minutes.


Stand up as straight as possible and straighten your toes for ten seconds. Next, curl them under your foot for ten seconds. Perform this procedure a few times.

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the many exercises that you can perform at home. An expert in this field can show you many other useful exercises.


Additionally, you can use turmeric to take care of bunions. The active ingredient in it, curcumin, can block the pain and help alleviate inflammation. The best part is that turmeric is used orally and topically too.

If you want to use it topically, create a paste that consists of half a spoon of turmeric powder and a small amount of olive oil. Use this paste on the bunion. Perform this procedure two or three times a day for a week.

If you want to use turmeric orally, take one teaspoon of turmeric and put it in a glass filled with milk or lukewarm water. Stir the solution well and drink it two times a day.

Some people take curcumin capsules (400 mg), three times a day. If you want to use a supplement like this, it’s better to talk to your doctor.


Chamomile is one of the most used and efficient natural remedies that can bring instant relief from bunion problems. This herb brings anti-inflammatory effects that ease inflammation and pain too. It is possible to reduce the size of bunions too.

Feel free to experiment with any of these natural remedies or even make combinations:

– Make a tea with a chamomile tea bag and take small sips while it is warm. In addition, place the used chamomile tea bag on the bunion. Practice this for 3-4 times a day.
– Take some chamomile essential oil and mix it with a carrier oil. Use this mixture to massage the problematic area every night before bedtime. Many experts claim that this is the best way to realign the toe.
– Use an over-the-counter ointment that is based on chamomile on the problematic area to ease inflammation and pain.