Oily skin can indicate health problems

Wash your face in the morning and one hour later press a piece of paper on the section between the eyebrows . Repeat the same procedure before going to bed , after cleansing the face.The are most sebaceous glandsin the area between the eyebrows. If the paper appear oily traces , then it may indicate a problem .

Reason : Rapid secretion of fat can be caused by hormonal imbalance in the body . Fatty skin, plus appearance of hair on the face and hair thinning is usually due to elevated levels of testosterone in the blood . But excess progesterone can also cause increased fat excretion . The result ? Many oily skin throughout the day .

Solution: If you bother other problems , such as increased facial hair and irregular menstrual cycle , refer to the gynecologist to check your hormone status . Use matte – powders for absorbing excess fat from the face and apply mask based on clay once a week .