Your Oatmeal Is Full Of These Deadly Chemicals!

Oatmeal is referred to by many health experts as “a power food.

One study found it to be very effective at boosting energy while another found that the high concentration of starch and beta-glucan protects your skin by relieving itches. Add to that benefits like weight loss and diabetes prevention and it’s not hard to see why oatmeal has stood strong while other foods have fallen in and out of favor with the cycle of health trends.

But did you know that the wrong type of oatmeal could be doing a whole lot more bad than good?

Non-organic oats are as bad as genetically modified corn.

Brands like Quaker Oats, which – by the way – falsely claims their oats are natural, but they contain glyphosate, sold by Monsanto under the trade name ‘Roundup.’


This is the same chemical in GM corn and other GM foods.

Quaker, owned by PepsiCo, has actually been sued as a result of the chemical being found in their product.

According to the USDA Peoatmeal deadly chemicalssticide Data Program, there are also a host of other pesticides that have been found in conventionally grown oats.

They include malathion, piperonyl butoxide, metolachlor, DDW p,p’, peopiconzaole and chlorpyrifos methyl.

Chlorpyrifos methyl exposure during pregnancy was found to cause retardation in the mental development of fetuses. It was banned from home use in 2001 in the U.S. but still remains a pesticide used in food.

The best way to get around this is to only purchase organic, raw oats. Even instant oatmeal is no good, as it often has a lot of salt, sugar and artificial sweeteners added to them.

Just get raw, organic oats – there are tons of recipes out there that you can try to give them variety while retaining the full health benefits.

Many commercial oats also contain gluten.

Pure oats are gluten free but they often wind up being contaminated during the manufacturing process when they are mixed with bits of wheat, barley or rye.

That unfortunately makes most oatmeal brands unsuitable if you’re trying to go on a gluten-free diet.

There are, however, companies that sell 100% gluten-free oats. They include:

Because there are options, you should not let yourself be deterred from eating oats.

The right oatmeal is a fantastic source of nutrients and a great meal to start your day.