The Gross, Scary Truth About Common Microbes Living On Your Contact Lenses

In this Gross Science video from PBS Digital Studios, Anna Rothschild warns those who wear contact lenses about the dangers that can arise from wearing contacts for an extended period. Watch to learn how common bacteria, fungi, viruses, and amoebas can eventually eat your eyeballs if you aren’t careful to disinfect your contact lenses properly or follow your eye doctor’s recommendations.

Anna explains how trapping the before mentioned bacteria, fungi, viruses, and amoebas against your eye can lessen the eye’s lighting-fast immune response, allowing these critters to grow resistant to further immune response and even to your favorite contact disinfectant solution as well. She gives us pertinent information about Microbial Keratitis, the disease which can develop from this resistance, and cautions contact lens wearers to remove their contacts and call their eye doctor immediately should they notice eye pain. Failure to do so could lead to blindness.