Meet Frankie, the dog that can detect cancer. (VIDEO)

Frankie can detect thyroid cancer in humans before being diagnosed and the tests showed that in 88 percent of the cases he was right.

Frankie is trained to lie down when he “smell” cancer in a sample of urine and to turn away if the sample is clean.

dog that can detect cancer

As part of the experiment at the University of Arkansas, he smelled the urine of 34 patients and he was wrong only in four of the cases, which means that he set accurate diagnosis in 88 percent of the cases.

“No one has done what we’ve done so far” said the director of the study, Arnie Ferrando, who found the dog on the street.

dog that can detect cancer

We asked him to “tell” us if the cancer is present before the doctors make the diagnosis.

The thyroid cancer is relatively rare and difficult to detect, usually on the basis of analysis of the blood and hormone levels.

dog that can detect cancer

Scientists are hoping that the dog, whose senses of smell are 10 times stronger than the humans senses – can be used in the detection of various forms of this disease.