Make your brain work 200 miles per hour

The progressive loss of intellectual abilities in medicine is known as dementia. The world ‘s most powerful processor – the brain uses only 20 % oxygen and produces enough energy to control the entire organism. It has power to light up 200 watts bulb.

It’s at least, the most unlikely part of the human body and to function seamlessly you must devote to mental care through diet and exercise.

Chocolate – great for the brain
Researchers from Harvard found that chocolate is an excellent food for the brain and two cups of delicious chocolate drink can improve its performance.

The examination was made on 60 people at the age of 73 years, they have been served with two cups of hot chocolate everyday. After 30 days, the results were surprisingly positive.

Use fish oil in the diet
Many of us avoid fish oil, which is a big mistake. It’s not a myth that fish is good for the body, and as a healthy grocery it has to be consumed often. The fish is especially recommended to diabetics who need to consume at least two servings of oily fish a week.

Learn juggling
Besides the food, which is the main prevention of dementia, there are mental exercises that you can use to fight the loss of mental abilities.

One of the funniest hobbies that can help you focus better and pay more attention to details is juggling. This exercise requires extraordinary coordination of hands and eyes, and makes the brain work faster. After three months juggling you will see progress.

Sleep more!
The brain loves resting, because it’s the way of getting energy for new information. It’s vital to have 6 to 8 hours sleep. During sleep, the brain is not fully off, it’s only in the phase of rest.