Make bigger and better sandwich : here’s how !

So far we all have learned that breakfast is the most important meal and we all understand why this is so and what is the best choice of food for him . But all experts agree that the lunch is an important part of the diet. Therefore , we offer most creative and healthiest ideas for this meal .

It’s time to replacethe white buns with integral pastry that contains fiber and proteins. Also important is the content of the sandwich . It should have meat without fat – ham , turkey or chicken breast .Be careful, meat products should contain as little salt and additives as possible Instead of meat products , you can use beef patty cooked on grill. In fact , everything you cook for dinner for the day before can be your content to the sandwich you will to take to work.

1. Spicy roasted peppers , avocado , grilled mushrooms

2. Chicken burger , homemade ketchup , arugula , red onion slices

3. Grilled beef patty, mustard, circles fresh or pickled cucumber