This Is The Best Way To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure is an ailment where the body supplies blood to your arteries and veins at a speed higher than normal. Apart from medicines there are natural remedies available that can control the high blood pressure and in some cases can even cure the same.

The best remedy to do this is by consuming beetroot. Beetroot have nitrates which are very handy in fighting hypertension. People diagnosed with high blood pressure should aim to have at least one beetroot a day in any form. It can be boiled and eaten, or sliced to make a salad or even juiced.

It is an excellent counterfoil and is also not expensive. Immediately after digestion the nitrates in beetroot get converted into nitrite oxide and this can lower your blood pressure in a few hours. It also improves the ability of the blood vessels to expand and contract by about 20%.

When you consume beetroots, the nitrates are absorbed into your blood and secreted into your saliva. The bacteria on the back of your tongue then metabolize the nitrates and creates nitrite oxide.

Eating raw beetroots is considered as best option because the beetroots are rich in nitrates in their original form and can do wonders to your high blood pressure.

For best results, it is recommended to eat beetroots daily as salad during lunch or juiced in the mornings.