How to treat a STYE?

1. Warm Compress

When it comes to how to treat a stye, this is the best trick to ease the symptom. And nothing can work better than a warm compress for treating your stye. For this, you will have to take a clean cloth — warmed up with hot water. Make sure that the water isn’t that hot since you will be treating your eyes with it. This trick speeds the healing process and eases your pain too. You feel much better and relaxed after doing this.
Hold the warm compress onto your infected eye for about 5 – 10 minutes
Repeat the compress for 3 – 4 times in a day so that the stye clears & releases its pus.treat stye

2. Apply Turmeric

This natural trick truly works like a wonder on your stye. For this, you need to boil 1-teaspoon turmeric with 2-cups water. Boil until the water turns half. Strain using clean cheesecloth and keep this mixture aside so that it cools down. Use it as eye-drops for 3-times a day.

3. Coriander Seeds

Treating a stye is easier with coriander seeds. Just boil 1-teaspoon coriander seeds along with 1-cup water. Wash the eyes 3-4 times in a day with this mixture.

4. Aloe Leaf

The best answer to the question how to treat a stye is none other than using an Aloe Vera leaf. It is a boon from Mother Nature. It has multiple healing properties. Just cut a fresh Aloe Vera leaf lengthwise & place its pulp on the infected part.

5. Acacia Leaves

This natural remedy can be great in getting rid of a stye. For this, you will have to boil few acacia leaves into 2-cups water. Then apply like a warm compress on the stye.

Wet and warm tea bags can be of great help on how to treat a stye. For this, you will have to wet a tea bag in lukewarm water for sometime and then place the tea bag over your eyes for about 10-minutes. Repeat this for 5-times in a day. This reduces swelling, irritation and pain as well.