How to survive a heart attack if you are alone?

Often people can be quite alone when experiencing a heart attack. If you suddenly feel that your heart beats “wrong” and you are closer to fainting, you only have about 10 seconds before you lose consciousness.


At the same time, all victims of heart attacks can help themselves. To do this, try not to panic and not to lose consciousness – start to cough, as hard as you can. Take a deep breath every time you cough again. Cough must be deep and long, as you want to cough out something from your lungs.

The inhalation and the cough must be repeated every 2 seconds, without interruptions or delays, until the arrival of the medical assistance, or until the heart starts beating in a normal rhythm again.

Deep breaths allow oxygen to enter the lungs and the cough is a kind of compression. This helps the heart and the blood flow to start circulating again. This pressure on the heart helps to reach its normal rhythm. In this way, heart attack victims can save the situation, at least until the doctor arrives. Share this with the largest possible number of people. This can save their lives.

The cardiologists ensure that if one shares this information with 10 people, at least one life can be saved.