How to stop your PERIOD early

stop periodMenstrual periods might prove an inconvenience and interfere with travel plans, sports or other leisure activities. You might experience many situations that demand a delay in periods. These reasons can vary from simple irritation, cramps, headaches and back pains to heavy and excessive bleeding. These symptoms might interfere if you are planning a vacation or going to a party.

How to stop your menstrual period

For women, who travel frequently, it might get necessary to delay or stop periods for a day or two, depending on their plans. There are numerous home remedies as well as clinical options to solve the purpose.

Home remedies to stop periods

Drink water – Ample intake of water or juice can help to lighten the periods. It is worth noting that this precautionary measure would not delay the period. It would only lighten the flow.

Vinegar – This is another effective remedy to delay the period for a day or two. Add 2tsp of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. Drink it at least three times a day. This would delay the periods for few hours.

Lemon – This is a time tested technique to stop periods. Suck on a piece of lemon to stop or slow your menstrual period.

Gelatine – This is another effective way to stop periods for a day. Max a pack of gelatine with a glassful of water. Drink it up in one go. Your periods will get delayed by a day, at the most.

Clinical methods to stop periods

Many times, these above mentioned home remedies to stop periods might not provide desired results. This can be due to the difference in cycles and body adaptability of every woman. It is not necessary for every remedy to work in the same way for each woman.

Here are some clinical tips to stop periods, if need be…
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