How to Get Rid of Back Fat Easily and Quickly at Home

As its name says, back fat is fat concentration on the lower part of your back, right above the behind. In general, women are curvy i.e. a little bit wider on the lower part of the body, and thinner on the upper. However, nowadays it has been thought that the back fat doesn’t only appear due to the curvy shape of the body, but also as a result of various diseases such as, high blood pressure and diabetes.

One of the main reasons for back fat is the way of wearing a bra. Most of the women put the bra on in a way that stimulates the fat concentration on the back. We offer a list of 3 the reasons below.

  1. Improper way of wearing the bra

Most of the women wear their bra improperly and cause potential back fat. Namely, when you fasten it, the bra should be pulled back to set below the blades of the shoulder, otherwise, it will push the skin and cause back fat.

  1. Bra with a big hand size

A bra with a big band or a bra that is not tight enough can also be the reason of back fat.

  1. A skimpy bra

It is much recommended to wear a bra with wider back rather than a skimpy one, which can cause back fat accumulation.

Lifestyle causes of back fat

 Sitting in front of the desk for a long time during the day, as a part of your everyday routine, may be a serious cause of fat accumulation not only on the back, but on the whole body as well. Besides this, the food you consume has a big impact as well- if you eat fast food often and don’t exercise at all, you create the perfect conditions for fat accumulation. As you get older, your skin loses the firmness and tends to sag which is an additional reason for fat accumulation.
  1. Pull- ups

Pull-ups do a great job in reducing back fat because they burn it and shape the muscles at the same time. In order to reach the best effects, you should do this exercise two times a day.

  1. Push-ups

The main purpose of this exercise is to tighten the upper body and chest, but it can also have positive effects on the back. Begin the exercise in the standard position and as you get lower into the contracted pose, try to include the back. Stay focused on the lower movement to apply pressure on the back. Do several sets of ten every day.

  1. Rowing machine

The rowing movements are great for the back and provide a well-shaped and toned posterior, thus making the rowing machine one of the most effective exercises for back fat.

  1. Dumbbell row

Put your knee on a chair or table and take a weight of 3-5 pounds in your hand. Make sure that your back is flat and bend slightly forward. Row back with your arm, keep the upper body contracted and the elbow at the side. Do a set of 12 with each arm.

Yoga exercises, such as warrior, Side Fierce and half moon are also very helpful in the process of removing back fat.

Besides these changes in everyday life, eating habits can also help a lot in losing extra pounds and getting back in form.