Easily available TOOTHACHE home remedies for instant relief

toothache home remedies

Toothache is not an uncommon ailment, but that does not lessen its pain. A toothache can be set off by inflammation inside the tooth caused by bacteria, as well as by a filling or a crown coming loose. We blame ourselves for not looking after our teeth better, as we experience the throbbing and extreme sensitivity in our teeth. Carry on reading to get some information about a few natural remedies for toothache that could help you relieve the pain until you can see a dentist.

Some common and effective home remedies for a toothache are:

GarlicDid you knew the common garlic that you find in your kitchen is an excellent reliever of toothache? Garlic is said to have properties that could not only give relief from the recurring toothache but also can possibly cure a toothache.

  • Procedure:  Garlic clove needs to be placed crushed with some rock salt at the affected tooth.  It would most of the times sooth the toothache and possibly cure it too!

Freezing  Ice. Ice that have in your refrigerators can give some relief to the pain that you have in your tooth.

Clove or clove oil. The common clove found in the spice rack of your kitchen also makes your toothache to vanish temporarily.

  • Procedure: Bite a clove by the affected tooth; place it there for a while. You would get some amount of relaxation from the toothache. Else, clove oil could just be dabbed on to the affected area or the tooth.

Pepper. The next most commonly sought after home remedies for toothache is using pepper on the affected tooth.

  • Procedure: Pepper in a powdered form could be put on to the tooth that is aching and along with normal salt.

Rinsing with salt waterMake saltwater solution by mixing little bit of salt in a warm water. You can use this saltwater to rinse your mouth regularly. It will give you relieve from toothache and also eradicate the infection.

Tea bags remedy. Steeped a tea bag and place a wet tea bag on the affected tooth and gums. You can also warm a tea bag little bit to ease the pain.