Don’t throw money on beauty products ! Try the coconut oil !

Coconut oil used by many celebrities , including Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively . Here’s what you can use this natural solution for.

You can buy coconut oil in health food stores . It’s the best to buy cold strained oil.

1. To remove the makeup . Apply a little coconut oil onto tufer and remove the make-up of your face. The results will be fantastic ! Coconut oil cleans the pores and removes any residual makeup . One drop is enough to erase the entire makeup of your face . It also nurtures and hydrates the skin .

2. For shiny and healthy hair . If you apply coconut oil on the tops of washed and dried hair , you will get great results ! It protects the hair against cracking and gives extra shine. You can use it instead of hair conditioner and wash it with warm water .

3. For healthy eyelashes . Apply a drop of coconut oil onto tufer and remove the mascara . This will protect your lashes and will encourage the growth of new ones.

4. For smooth soles . Massage coconut oil in the damaged areas of the skin of your feet. It will soften the skin and after a month of its use , the feet will be like new !