A Famous Doctor Reveals: Do This Everyday And You Will Be Healed Of Every Disease

Most doctors will agree that these healthy tips can aid in treating many diseases. Adopt these habits and enjoy your health boost.

Look directly in the sun in the first hour after the sun rises or before the sunset. Start off with 10 seconds, and prolong this time for 10 seconds every day. Try standing barefoot on concrete at the same time. Sand works fine as well.

Drink fluoride-free water or filter your tap water. However, natural spring water is the healthiest option. Expose the water to direct sunlight for several hours to absorb enough solar energy. Keep it in clear, see-through glass bottle. Never leave the water outside during the night.

Exercise in the park every day. This is the best detox you can get.

Take some fresh air in the morning and before bedtime for about 20 minutes. You can also walk. Make sure you go to bed somewhere between 10pm and 2am. Human body secretes healing hormones in this period. Live according to the rhythm of the sun.

Use natural cosmetics instead of chemical laden products.

Eat more raw fruits and veggies. Grains are also great for your organism. Reduce the intake of products of animal origin.

Avoid products containing artificial sweeteners.

Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, black tea, chewing gum, and canned goods.

Always smile and stay positive. This will stimulate the production of good hormones.

Stop thinking or speaking negatively about others. Remember, your subconscious is a reflection of your thoughts. Behave as if everything is fine with you.

Forgive yourself and others. Once you get rid of all hatred and anger, you will be free of all the negativity that affects the secretion of hormones and damages your health. By forgiving others you will also forgive yourself. Mental conditions can be treated with raw produce and sunlight.

According to experts, raw plant diet is the ideal diet regimen when it comes to maintaining good health. Eat almonds and walnuts. Take 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil or 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds.