Cut Lemons And Keep Them In Your Bedroom… Here’s Why!

Did you know that lemon can elevate your mood and is beneficial for treating depression and anxiety?

Well, lemons have a wide range of uses, as the multiple beneficial components of these citrus fruits offer various health benefits. Yet, these fruits are also of great help in the entire household, not only in the kitchen.

So, today we will present you some of the usages of lemon that you have never read about!

For instance, if you cut three lemons, place them at the bedside before going to bed, and leave them until the next morning, you will enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Lemon is a great air freshener and will make your room fresh.
  • It will improve your breathing. It treats asthma and cold. Your mind will feel fresh and lovely.
  • It can help you to get rid of hangover and tiredness. Finally, you will wake up feeling fresh.
  • It will improve your energy level and you will be full of energy during the day. Lemon can provide better results than all the energy drinks.

Try this trick and you will soon notice significant improvements in your life!

Additionally, according to the assistant professor Dr. J.V. Hebbar at the Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College, the lemon essential oil offers many other benefits as well, including:

Teeth Whitener – You should mix lemon essential oil, coconut oil, and baking soda, apply this mixture on your teeth and rub them for 2 minutes.

Laundry – If you leave your laundry in the washer too long, add a few drops of lemon essential oil and your clothes will not get that nasty smell.

Improved Mood – Diffuse this oil in the air to enhance your mood and treat depression.

Boosted Immune System – This essential oil supports the lymphatic drainage and treats common colds. You should combine it with coconut oil and rub this remedy on the neck.

Clean Hands – Your hands are greasy and the regular soap is not helping? Just add a few drops of lemon essential oil along with your soap, and your hands will be clean!

Natural Disinfectant – Want to clean your moldy shower and to disinfect the countertops? Just add 40 drops lemon oil and 20 drops tea oil to a 16-oz spray bottle filled with water, and a little bit of white vinegar.

Weight loss – Add 2 drops of lemon essential oil in a glass of water and drink it 3 times daily to boost your metabolism and lose extra pounds.

Face-wash – Lemon essential oil softens the skin and improves the complexion. It also nourishes the skin. To fight acne, wash the face with a mixture of lemon oil, baking soda, and honey.

Wood and Silver Polish – Soak a cloth in lemon oil and rub your tarnished silver and jewelry. Lemon oil can also help you for wood cleaning.

Eliminates Goo – Use this oil to remove the sticky goo left behind with stickers and gum.