Cracked Heels – Home Remedies Which Are Simple To Use

There are several remedies for cracked heels which are simple to use and are quite safe to try at home without any risk of side effects.

Some of the popular home remedies for cracked heels which are being used since a very long time and have proved to be quite effective in many cases are:

One of the most effective remedies for cracked heels is the use of banana. All you need to do is take a ripe banana and mash it properly. Now apply this mashed banana on the affected region of your heel. Wait for 10 minutes and the wash with lukewarm water. It is very helpful in using this home remedy once in a week.

Lemon is considered to be one of the most efficient remedies for cracked heels. Take some hot water and then add lemon juice in it. Now soak your feet in this mixture and wait for 10 minutes. You can practice this home remedy on daily basis for good results.

Sesame oil is also very helpful in treating this problem. All you need to do is just before going to bed apply some sesame oil on the affected region of your heels. Make this a daily routine to benefit from it.

Before going to bed you can also try applying olive oil on your feet and the put on your socks. But remember not to wash your feet. Olive oil will provide essential moisture to your feet and will heal this problem after regular usage.

Take juice of one lemon and 1 teaspoon of Vaseline. Mix the together and then rub on the affected area of your feet. This will remove the dryness and will heal this ailment. Regular usage of this home remedy will prove to be quite effective. Soak your feet in water till it becomes soft and the use a foot scrub to remove dead skin from the feet.

Another effective home remedy is to drink plenty of water on daily basis. This will keep your skin hydrated and will make the skin of your feet soft. It will also prevent further cracks and cuts.