If you struggle from back pain, pain in the neck, legs and joints, try this simple trick. You already have everything you need in the kitchen.
aluminium foil

Aluminum foil is used almost everyday by many housewives and they’re not even aware of holding a cure for many ailments. 

If suffer from pain in the neck, back, shoulders, knees or you have heel pain you can put aluminum foil on the sore spot. For your surprise and happiness, after a while the pain will disappear. Aluminum foil helps in the implementation of the micro-flows which carry the information about the functioning of the body and the pain is only an impulse that our brain registers as an information.

The traditional Chinese medicine describes the bio-energy which flows through the meridians, returns to the natural state and thus eliminates the pain and the discomfort that we feel as a result of improper flow of the energy. Each meridian is associated with some organ, or more and by regulating the flow of the energy through a particular meridian you also treat the organ connected to it. This interesting way of treatment has been practiced for a very long time by the Chinese and Russian healers and it’s described in the studies of the psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich, a student of Sigmund Freud.

aluminium foil

How does the aluminum foil heal?

Place and attach the aluminum foil on the sore spot. You can use this foil as a treatment of all types of pain in the neck, back, arms, legs, joints. You can also apply aluminium foil for sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis and numbness.

In the same way it can also heal even postoperative scar from surgical incision.

Good results are also achieved in a treatment of gout. This requires to wrap the thumb in aluminium foil and secure it with a bandage.

Chinese healers recommended this treatment for 10-12 days. You should attach the foil to the pain spot every day and hold it all day or night. After that, make a break for 1-2 weeks and if necessary, repeat the treatment.
aluminium foil

The aluminium foil also has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. With its help you can successfully treat the common cold. For this method, it’s necessary to wrap the foot in 5-7 layers of aluminium foil and between each layer put a paper or a cotton cloth. Keep the compress for about an hour. Then take it off and put it back after two hours, for another hour. Take a break again and put it the for the third time.

Time of treatment – 1 week