Attention : List of fruits and vegetables with toxins

Every year the world organization, which operates under the name “Environmental Working Group” or “EWG”, publishes a list of fruits and vegetables that contain the most and least pesticides.

For fifty years at the top of this list are apples because usually they are sprayed before and after harvest to remain fresh.

Second year in a row, at the top of the list for ” cleanest ” groceries is avocado, where pesticides were found in 1 % of the total samples.

Potatoes contain the most pesticides, in the average pepper were found as many as 15 different types of pesticides, while tomatoes, peaches, peas and apples contain about 13 different types of pesticides.

List of fruits and vegetables with the most pesticides :

• Apples

• Peaches

• Nectarines

• Strawberries

• Grapes

• Celery

• Spinach

• Peppers

• Cucumbers

• Tomatoes

• Peas

• Potatoes

All the above foods should be avoided in winter , says Life Magazin.


List of purest fruit and vegetables

• Avocado

• Corn

• Pineapple

• Cabbage

• Red onions

• Pears

• Mango

• Papaya

• Kiwi

• Citron

• Melon

• Cauliflower

• Sweet potatoes

According to these lists, the conclusion is that the most reliable are those foods that grow in tropical regions and can’t be grown without the conditions that suit them.