Anti cellulite massage techniques that work

There are 3 main reasons why massaging your cellulite zones works:

#1 The high level of pressure used during your massage literally breaks down cellulite deposits.

#2 A key cellulite deterrent is circulation. Massaging stimulates blood flow and increases circulation, thus reducing your skin’s ability to form cellulite.

#3 Your lymphatic system manages waste-removal of toxins and byproducts from your skin. Massaging repairs and rejuvenates this system so your skin functions better and in turn, looks better.

Anti cellulite massage techniques

Follow these effective steps to battle the bulge and diminish those dimples.

Step 1: Using a massage lotion or oil (I love Coconut), rub some over your cellulite-affected area.

Do not use regular lotions as they will be absorbed too quickly and may cause you to chafe your skin during this process. Ouch!

Step 2: You want to focus on the areas the furthest away from your heart first. Use firm, circular motions with your fingers and massage your skin upwards towards your heart.

You want to use enough pressure to really stimulate blood flow at the deepest level and really target that fat buildup.

Just like my pizza dough, knead in using your palms or forearms if necessary. Knead your skin for 3-5 minutes per cellulite-affected area.

Step 3: Squeeze your skin to find secret cellulite zones. Some areas of your body like the inner thighs and knees can be less-obvious than the bum or outer thighs. Target these zones accordingly.

Step 4: To finish this anti cellulite massage, gently run your hands over your newly massaged area.