Do This For 6 Min Daily And See Belly Fat Changing (VIDEO)

The abs and core are different word. The core is muscles, abs, hips, lower back, glutes. This can make your body posture amazing and prevent injuries, improve stamina and remove back pain too.

Here are the best workouts for overall body improved and also no belly fat.


These are simple 3 workouts. Just need 5 min for each and repeat them twice.

The first is Skyscraper. Make 10 each side. The second is Windshield Wipers, also 10 each side. The third is Army Crawls, here make 36 steps.


Here you have 4 workouts, tense also. Each lasts 15 min. repeat them 2 times.

The first is Breakdancer, 15 on each side.

The second is Skydiver, 30 seconds in this one.

The third is Dead Bug, do 10 reps. The fourth is Thread the Needle, 10 for each side.


Here you have tense 4 workouts too. Each is 6 minutes. The first is Crab kicks into superman, 6 for each side.

Second is Star leg raise, 10 for each side.

Third is Side V-ups, 10 for each side.

Fourth is Over/under, 10 for each side.